The Markevich Family Home Page

Please select this link to view The Abstract Wood Sculptures of John Markevich

The Markevich Family Home Page

Name: Nicholas Markevich
City: San Bruno
State: California
Country: United States of America


Hi! You have reached the home page of the Markevich family in the San Francisco Bay Area. This is currently just a placeholder until we can transfer all of our web pages to this new domain.

Future Plans:

This domain currently includes the wood carving page and the WaS ladder/tournament pages. In the future it will also include the 1870 web pages.


  1. The Abstract Wood Sculptures of John Markevich
  2. The War at Sea Ladder and Tournament Index Page

Ancestral Roots:

  1. Taganrog, Russia
  2. Hamburg, Germany
I plan to add links to additional pages that contain information of interest to me and hopefully others.

Interesting Web Sites:

  1. The Diplomatic Pouch
  2. Grognards - Wargaming on the Internet
  3. ConsimWorld - Wargaming Discussion Board
  4. Train Gamers' Association
  5. Yahoo Finance
  6. Stockmaster Stock Charts
  7. Radio Station KKSF - Music Notes
  8. San Francisco State University
  9. Introduction to the Sport of Ultimate

Page created by: Nicholas Markevich
Changes last made on: April 8, 2001